Who's in your living room?  In this powerful message Ps Ray Thomson looks at church as Gods living room - a place where we host the presence of God and visitors.  How are you hosting in your living room?  How we host the presence of God, and others, says a lot about what we believe about God.

August 15, 2019

Untamed Culture

Culture is an important part of building community  - we are not bound by the culture of this world, but are called to be counter cultural and represent the culture of the Kingdom.  What culture are you building - in your life, your workplace, your home, your church?

Message by Ps Shannon Thomson

March 27, 2019

Making room for others

The invitation is a powerful thing - Church is not a place for those who have got it all together, but is a place for the broken, the bruised, the hurting.  A place for those who don't know Jesus yet to meet with him - there is always room for more people in the Kingdom of God, but do we make room in our lives for the invitation? 

Message by Ps Ray Thomson

September 30, 2018

Just One Touch

Just one touch from Jesus can change your life.  Message by Shannon Thomson.

Love is an action, not a transaction... to love authentically, we need to have compassion, passion, and the desire to honour others over ourselves. The conclusion to our Stronger Together series.

When we position ourselves to be tranformed by the renewing of our minds, we can turn the world upside down.  Great Message by Ps. Ray Thomson. 9 Sept 2018

April 29, 2018

Compassion Equals Action

Who is your neighbour? Compassion without action is apathy - how can you put compasstion into action today?  Check out the latest message from Ps Ray Thomson.

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