As a church we are going  All In, All Out, All Together

Message from Ps Ray Thomson

March 24, 2019

Crossing over

We often look at the bravery of youth, but have you ever considered the bravery of adulthood, when we know the high stakes, but the call of God is bigger?  Cross over into the faith zone and into the fullness of a life lived on purpose for God

March 24, 2019

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Your story is powerful, your story can change lives -

Message by Ps Ray Thomson

February 6, 2018

Know Your Worth - Kim Leslie

Kim Leslie shares this incredible message about knowing your worth.  Her testimony is nothing short of miraculous and will both inspire and challenge you - be blessed!

What will you do with the promise you have been given? God wants to make our purpose the dominant truth we live from.  Great message by Ps Ray Thomson

July 30, 2017

Possessing the Promise

Each of us have received promises from God but have we taken possesion of them or let them slip away?  its time to take hold of what God has for us and step into the fulnness of life in Him!  Message by Ps Shannon Thomson

July 23, 2017

Cast your nets again

Impossible dreams are better than illegitimate excuses!  God is calling us to be bold and cast our nets again!  Great message by Ps Ray Thomson

Don't shrink back your heart - Stay the path, keep your focus, continue to trust God and believe big!   Message by Ps Shannon Thomson

Are you a consumer or one of the consumed?  Great message by our good friend Ps Garth Chin Poy of City Church Christchurch

Series by Ps Ray Thomson

Are you wearing the favour of the Father?


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