September 10, 2019


Being stretched is uncomfortable but it increases our capacity.  God meets us in the stretch  - Where is God encouraging you to grow your capacity?

Message by Ps Shannon Thomson

March 27, 2019

Courage to respond

When tragic events happen in our world our faith can be shaken and we have two choices - to react in fear, or drop to our knees in prayer and respond in love.  Jesus calls us to love our neighbour, regardless of our differences.  Powerful message by Ps Ray Thomson in response to the Christchurch attack.

March 24, 2019

Crossing over

We often look at the bravery of youth, but have you ever considered the bravery of adulthood, when we know the high stakes, but the call of God is bigger?  Cross over into the faith zone and into the fullness of a life lived on purpose for God

February 17, 2018

Unpack Your Bags

Ever been on a trip away and then when you come home just left your bags in the corner of your room to be ealt with at a later time?  You know the stench that can greet you when you finally open them months later - its not prettty!  This also can be the same when we don't unpack hurts and other things that may hold us back from stepping into what God has for us.  Check out this great message by Ps Ray Thomson.

July 30, 2017

Possessing the Promise

Each of us have received promises from God but have we taken possesion of them or let them slip away?  its time to take hold of what God has for us and step into the fulnness of life in Him!  Message by Ps Shannon Thomson

July 23, 2017

Cast your nets again

Impossible dreams are better than illegitimate excuses!  God is calling us to be bold and cast our nets again!  Great message by Ps Ray Thomson

Ps Shannon Thomson continues with our series lessons from the Wild Places

December 4, 2016

Shine: The Church In Action

We were not created to shrink back but were created on purpose for a purpose.  The Church should not be confined to four walls but out in the community shining Gods light and love in dark places.  Message by Ps Shannon Thomson

Tessa Noble of YWAM Perth & Ethiopia - Tessa has a huge heart for missions, cereal at midnight and cups of tea anytime! She carries incredible stories of the Fathers great love for the each of us, and has an awesome sense of humour - you will love her!

So often our perspective of missions is to go somewhere other than where we are, and often a term reserved for someone else.  But God has created each of us as missionaries - and our life  - where we find ourselves right now is our mission field

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